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How To Take Care Of A Sick Person

Sickness weaken the body. To gain strength and get well quickly special care is needed.

The care a sick person receives is frequently most important partof his treatment .

Medicine are often not necessary. But good care is always important. The follower the basic of good care.

The comfort of the sick person

A person who is a sick should rest is a quiet, comfortable place with plenty of fresh air and light. He should keep from getting too hot or cold. If the air is cold or the person is chilled, cover him with a sheet or blanket. But if the weather is hot or the person has a fever, do not cover him at all.


In nearly every sickness, especially when there is fever or diarrhea, the sick person should drink plenty of liquid: Water, tea, juice, broth, etc.

Personal Cleanliness

It is important to keep the sick person clean. He should be bathed Eva day. If he is too sick to get out of bed, wash him with a sponge or cloth and lukewarm water. His clothe, sheet, and covers must also keep clean. Take care to keep crumbs and bit of food out of bed.

Good food

If the sick person feel like eating, let him. Most sickness do not require special diets.

A sick person should drink plenty of liquid and eat body-building and nourishing food like milk, cheese, chicken, egg, meat, fish, bean, green vegetable, and fruit.

If the person is very week, give him these same food, but make them into soups or juices.

Energy foods also important-for example, porridge of rice, wheat, oatmeal, potato, or cassava. Adding a little sugar and vegetable oil will increase the energy. Also encourage the sick person to drink plenty of sweetened drink, especially if he not eat much.

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