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Instructions And Precautions For Injection

When To Inject And When Not To

Injection are not needed often. Most sickness that require medical treatment can be treated as well or better with medicine taken by mouth. As a general rule.

Injection should be used only when absolutely necessary. Except in emergencies, they should be given only by health workers or persons trained in their use.

The only time medicine should be injected are

1 .When the recommended medicine does not come in a form that can be taken by mouth.

2 .When the person vomits often, cannot swallow, or is unconscious.

3 .In certain unusual emergencies and special cases

What to do when Doctor Prescribes Injection.

Doctor and other health workers sometimes prescribe injection when they are not needed. After all, they can charge more money for injection when they forget the problem and danger of giving them rural areas.

1 .If a healthy worker or healer want to gives you an injection be sure the medicine is appropriateand that he take all necessary precautions

2 .If a Doctor prescribes Injection, explain that you live where no one is well trained to give injection and ask if it would be possible to prescribe a medicine to take by mouth.

3 .If a Doctor want to prescribe injection of vitamin, liver extract, or vitaminB12, but has not had your blood tested, tell him you would prefer to see another doctor.

When Not To Inject

Never gives injection if you can get medical help quickly.

Never give injection for a sickness that is not serious

Never gives injection for a cold or flu.

Never Inject  a medicine that is not recommended for the illness you want to treat.

Never Inject medicine unless you know and take all the recommended precautions.

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