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Medicine Not To Inject

There are some medicine that are not to inject to our body, I will let you continue this post. Doctor, Nurse, Healer And Student as you are continue reading this post you will be enlighten to some drug to be inject

1 .Vitamins. Rarely are Injected vitamin any better than vitamin taken by mouth. Injection are more expensive and more dangerous. Use vitamin pills or syrups rather than injection. Better still, eat foods rich in vitamin.

2 .Liver extract and vitamin B12. Do not Inject them! Ferrous sulfate pills will do more good for almost all cases of anemia.

3 .Calcium. Injected into a vein calcium is extremely dangerous, if not given very slowly. An injection in the buttocks may cause large abscess. Untrained people should never Inject calcium.

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4 .Penicillin. Nearly all infections that require penicillin can be effectively treated with penicillin taken by mouth. Penicillin is more dangerous when injected. Use injectable penicillin only for dangerous infections 

5 .Penicillin with streptomycin. As general rule, avoid this combined medicine. Never use it for colds or the flu

6 .Chloramphenicol or tetracycline. As general do as much or more good when taken by mouth. Use capsules or syrups rather than injection 

7 .Intravenous (IV) solution. These should be used only for severe dehydration and given only by someone who is well trained. When not given correctly they can cause dangerous infections or death 

8 .intravenous medicine. These is so much danger in injecting any medicine in the vein that only well trained health workers should do it. However, never Inject into muscle (the buttock) medicine that says ‘for intravenous use only’ Also, never Inject in vein medicine that says ‘For intramuscular use only’

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