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Sign Of Dangerous Illness

A person who has one or more of the following signs is probably too sick to be treated at home without skilled medical help. His life may be in danger. Seek medical help as soon as possible.Until help comes, following the instructions on this blog.

  1. Loss of large of blood from anywhere in the body
  2. Coughing up blood
  3. Marked blueness of lips and nail
  4. Great difficulty in breathing; do not improve with rest
  5. The person is to weak ha faint when stand up
  6. A day or more without being able to drink any liquid
  7. Heavy vomiting or severe diarrhea that lasts for more than On day or more than few hour in babies
  8. Black stool like tar, or vomit with blood or faces
  9. Strong, continuous stomach pains with vomiting in a person who does not have diarrhea or cannot have a bowel movement
  10. Any strong continuous pain that lasts for more than 3days
  11. Stiff neck with arched back, with or without a stiff jaw
  12. Higher fever (above 39 Degree Celsius) that cannot be Brought down or that last more than 4 or 5 days
  13. Weight loss over an extended time
  14. Blood in urine
  15. A lumps in any pet if the body that keeps getting bigger
  16. Problem with pregnancy and chord birth
  17. Any bleeding during pregnancy
  18. Swollen face and trouble seeing in the last months
  19. Long delay once the water have broken and labor has begun severe bleeding
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